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Contract management РWith TSContract you can manage your entire contract data with ease. As an all-in-one solution, it offers you all necessary functions so that even a average person can manage simple, uncomplicated contracts. The program is designed to be multilingual. Right now you have access to German and English. TSContract has built-in permission management that allows for a very elegant permissions structure.  The program also has the ability to associate files with each contract.

Download contractmanagement from Server 2 (

  • 5.0.5924.26099 (current) sha256 616B3EFCBA89D6097CD8510A4B2840F0F761C54BC676EA063C8EB5D66B6380C4
  • 5.0.5854.26346 sha256 110D404A0991C6A97F9736855D89188B93A47FC31218BC9B67CDA77EBAEB0D39
  • 5.0.5733.26915  sha256 2BA7AB3DB9108F659C77E43C840808911373D23F990706917D49D60FA2ED1AD7
  • 5.0.5531.31999 sha256 1655376490D3059957C696D03BE615150C43F1FDD31AC8019E765ECAB79AC797
  • 5_0_5474_32378 sha256 B9039A7FE6474440A8EB10BD99B4022FB08D0A7D18A0D8C61B2D5EAA2B1A40C8
  • 5_0_5468_23303 sha256 911B3451781C17593E7027CB252A86E8C51DA78DC5BA8B86CBBD733F81FBBEDE
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